Thursday, October 18, 2007

Eid Mubarak to all Muslims!

Oh gosh .. I've been neglecting this blog-o-mine!

Today since I am resting at home, I shall make it a point to update my blog.

To those who had left msgs on my shoutout box, I have replied to all of them .. my thousand apologies for taking a wee bit longer time to reply yah.

I was feeling under the weather the last week of Ramadhan hence I didnt managed to make lotsa cookies for Eid this year .. only 3 different kinds .. these are pix of 2 of them .. my colourful sugi cookies and cornflakes crunchies!

First day of Raya was good .. as usual, it is a time for us to go visiting and seek forgiveness!

First house that my family went to was none other than my parents! Check out the pic .. my parents, my 2 older brothers, younger sister, 2 sister in laws .. not out laws aye .. the niece, nephew, my angels and the man!

Below is a pic of my cousins, whose mum, Aunt Yayah, had passed on earlier this year .. they too live with my grandma .. who also passed on 2 weeks before Aunt Yayah!

I know I dont really show when it comes to love .. but YES! I do love them to bits!

We then went to Uncle Rahim's place .. now I miss my another Aunt, who had passed on while performing Haj in Mekah years ago!

Oh yah .. isnt this a day to remember our loved ones who had gone to be with the One?? I know some peeps who are just not in the mood of celebrating Eid becoz they miss their loved ones! I really do understand how they feel .. I really do!

Dats Auni cheekily being nice to my sil, Adriana aka Marie Pinto, becoz she wanted to eat the Tumpi.

My sis, my angels and Hashri. Just look at Hash! I just wanna slap his face manja-ly .. so gerammmm ..

After 3 houses, I was back at home to receive guests coz parents in law are living with me, which means, we receive lots of guests over at our abode on the first day of raya too.

Enough for now. I will do another entry later with more pix of my 2nd day of Raya outing!

For now, the man, the angels and I would like to wish all Muslims SELAMAT HARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN

To be continued ...

PS: Paiz lets plan an outing together soon aite!

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