Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eidl Fitr (Day 8 & 9) - Raya Outing with My Family

After 2 days rest at home on Thursday and Friday, nursing a slight fever, it was time for the whole of my family to go visiting again.

It was also my day off yesterday. Good timing eh! I would not want to waste the opportunity. And since all my siblings were having their day off too, we decided to convoy and go visiting together.

We visited out paternal aunts and uncles and had a good time, meeting and catching up with the aunts, uncles, cousins and their children minus some incident when Tihani spilled drinks and broke a cousin's coffee table .. YES .. she damaged it!! Oh baby .. please dont drop mama's water face again please ... please BEHAVE when we go out please??

Today, I woke up early to prepare jello that a friend ordered - 60 cups altogether. I then fried Mi Hoon coz I was expecting guests - Effendi and Niar, a couple I met at work and who eventually became my friends. Niar, a Malaysian, is now expecting their first child. It is gonna be a boy! Congratulations guys! And double congrats to Niar too for obtaining her PR status!

I managed a short nap after they left. Then woke up and got ready to go to Alyaa's 1st birthday party. Alyaa is our 6th floor neighbour's daughter. The kids had so much fun .. even more happier when they received their party hats and goodie bags. Thanks to Alam Shah and Neneng, for the birthday invitation!

We then went to my bro Andy's open house but I was just too full to eat. I helped them in the kitchen though, ever so often topping up food for the guests!

View the slide show below for some pix that we took over the two days' outings!

So how was your weekend?
I have to admit mine was a tiring but FUN one!


mamazieza said...

Murnie.. ur sis and you are very much alike laaaa... hehehe


mama suka tengok slide tu...

apiz said...

hye hye..slmt raye :)
meaceh sudi melawat blog saye..ehe

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