Saturday, September 29, 2007

Geylang Ramadhan Bazaar

Last Sunday, we went to Geylang Ramadhan Bazaar to check out the scene as well as hunt for food at this once a year Food Mecca!

First stop is the Putu Piring stall @ Banquet, Haig Road. You would always see customers forming a long queue just to get putu piring from this stall. When one really wants to eat it, am sure one is game enough to join in the queue. Small cakes of rice flour dough with gula melaka (palm sugar) topped with coconut .. it is putu piring-licious!

The stall also has a few awards to boot and all were proudly hung on its wall.

Next purchase was Ayam Percik - grilled chicken with spicy sauce. The taste of slightly charred chicken wings plus the sauce was truely just good!

I went to this stall called Boy. Rather cute boys selling these chicken wings and they look Malaysian too .. cute boys .. nice chicken .. always a bonus .. hahah

Otak-otak - fish paste wrapped in banana leaves.

This is another must buy for me. Slightly springy and spicy. Just the way I like it.

Keropok lekor, a long and chewy savoury cake, is a specialty of the state of Terengganu. Made up of fish, flour and seasonings, these are nice eaten hot. Sliced and fried just before serving,it is normally eaten with sauce. This is just one of the snacks that is rather addictive. My kids love them!

A food shopping frenzy indeed!

Colourful drinks


Barbequed wings

You tiao

and many many more. Go on a food hunt there. Lots of food to choose from. You'll be spoilt for choice. But only buy what you think you would eat. Afterall we want the food to end up in our tummies and not the bins right?


Shaz & Aidil said...

the putu piring stall is an institution! my fave. the putu piring there is incomparable, ya? =D

and your pics are so upclose and personal. lol.

i love food bazaars!!!

AQI said...

Have u tried the Prata Tumbuk? Yummy i tell u.. Must try!!!
Its near the roadside bazaar at Paya Lebar MRT.

m3rni3 said...

sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment. oh yes nothing compares to that putu piring stall.

hey, it saddened me to know that your blog ended kinda abruptly.

anyways, hope to see you soon!

advance raya greetings to u!

m3rni3 said...

hey aqi

saw the stall but havent the chance to try yet. its two more days to lebaran and doubt i'll be going there again.

to you and the dearest hubby .. selamat menyambut lebaran. see you guys around yah!

Lydia said...

When I show this post to Tak, he scolded me... cos he wanted to go to Geylang when we were in SG. I forgot that there was Ramadhan Bazaar... so I tot nothing much there and we didnt go. hehehe...
He loves otak2 and kuih-muih... went there once with him, 3 years ago.


Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family... and have a great holiday!

m3rni3 said...

heheh .. so next year, u guys datang lagi ke singapore masa ramadhan .. then can go to bazaar ramadhan cari makan .. :-)

say hi to tak for me and thanks for the raya greetings!

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