Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sis Is 23 Today!

Ok .. so what did I do earlier? 10 pm and off I went to fetch my cousin, Inah and sis, Rose for supper.

We were indecisive .. couldnt make up our minds where to eat. Newton? Siglap? Changi Road?

In the end, we settled for Siglap and had supper at Mas Ayu! Cuzzie had hot and spicy Tom Yam Noodle and sis ate Kuey Teow Pattaya .. oh yes, we also ordered Chicken Wings which I happily indulged in. Sorry I didnt manage to take pix of the food.

After supper, we walked to the car park, diagonally opposite Mas Ayu, and chatted over ice cream which we bought from the Shell station next to the carpark. Ok .. chillax at the carpark .. how unglam .. but how often do I get to do that? Heck with the place! The thing is how often do I get to chill with cuzzie and sis together!

We had a great time catching up and planning a trip to somewhere nearby towards the end of the year. I am gonna kill them if they back out again this time after cancelling both our planned trips to Krabi and Batam. I am dead serious gerls!!

Today is also lil sis birthday, so at the stroke of midnite, we wished her a happy birthday and I passed her the presents which I had bought on Monday. DVDs to add to her DVD collection.

A picture before saying bye bye to lil sis. Then off I went to send cuzzie back home! Lucky for me we all live close by to each other .. sis at upper boon keng, cuzzie at pipit road and me at bedok .. so it is like on the way and not out of the way!

So once again, on this blog of mine, I wish my lovable, cute, sweet, chubby, gorgeous but ever so temperamental lil baby sister, Rose, a HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!! Have your cake and eat it too .. Muackssssssss!!


roseliza said...

Hey sis thank you so much for the present, i like it :D ive collected quite a number of DVD now hehe.... i want ma birthday to be everyday ah lol ok la its pass ma bed time, will text u again.... so supper tmr at indian restaurant right? :D

m3rni3 said...

sis .. indian food on tuesday with brother k .. it'd better happen coz brother and i soo want to eat fish head curry lah .. heheh

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