Monday, September 10, 2007

Supper @ Al Ameen

I had sis and her bestie, Aliza, waiting for me at my workplace today. Sis wanted to chill over at my place while her bestie went to work.

Once Aliza was done with her shift, she came back to my place and we watched Indonesian sinetron, Hikmah. Sis suggested we go for supper, which I wasnt keen at all and she kept persuading me. Hmm .. thanks to her good persuasion skills, I relented.

Just before we left for supper, we took pictures a plenty of us .. heheh

We left home a quarter past ten and drove ourselves to Al-Ameen along Changi Road .

I went throught the menu and just when I thought only Milo Dinosaur exist, there're drinks like Milo KingKong and Milo Godzilla too .. heheh

I ordered Teh Cino for myself, Aliza ordered Milo Dino and sis ordered Milo Godzilla. The difference between KingKong and Godzilla is that the latter is served with double scoops of ice cream .. :-)

We then ordered Murtabak Pizza .. which was just OK .. nothing fantastic

and also two servings of Garlic Naan

Ate one with Keema and

ate the other with Chicken Tikka.

I didnt regret leaving home late to eat supper. We enjoyed the food and drinks, and yeah enjoyed the company of many Indians over there too .. hehe

I looked to my front,

turned to my left and

turned to my right

and all I saw were groups of Indian man and woman. For once I thought I was in India .. ;-)

In a nutshell, Al-Ameen is a good chill place for late night supper. It not only serves Indian food but seafood and Thai as well.

PS. Sis and Aliza - Hey kids, we'll go supper again next time okie?


raqqash said...

The food looks good indeed. Do you use spices like curry? I love it. Or is your kitchen somehow more similar to the chinese one?
I have to visit your land one day. And China and all the rest of the orient. :)

m3rni3 said...

hi raqqash,

greetings from singapore! thanks for coming by. yes we use lotsa spices in our cooking.

nah, our (malays) kitchen is somewhat different from the chinese as our cooking are more spicier than theirs .. :-)

yes yes .. do come to this part of the world when you have the opportunity!

raqqash said...

Then it will be a bit more similar to indian food? I love it, but I love chinese food too. And italian, of course ;)
I will come to the east, it is highly fascinating for me. I just need some more time ;-)
best greetings

roseliza said...

Lets go to al ameen again... i wanna have ma milo king kong with Nan......heheheh!!

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