Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Island Creamery

After the fruitful outing with the kids of Darul Ihsan the other day, I brought my angels for ice cream at The Island Creamery.

I read and heard alot of rave reviews about this ice cream place so definitely had to check it out.

I neednt think hard of what flavours to choose coz I had at the back of my mind what I wanted.

Tihani chose Nutella flavour in a cone.

And Auni and I shared a double scoop of Teh Tarik and ReversO. I enjoyed both very very much. The Teh Tarik is to die for .. really .. kidding am not! Aint that sweet .. just nice! I love it to bits that I almost bought a tub but I managed to control. Will go get them when there's occasion .. definitely!

If you think that I was done with that?? You are absolutely wrong! In no time, I found myself back at the counter.

I almost got myself the same flavours as before but I had to give the other flavours a chance and so I chose Chendol and Pulut Hitam .. also very nice but I must say nothing beats Teh Tarik and Reverso!

This parlor is kid friendly too .. see the low table and chair where kids can read and doodle .. fun fun fun ..

And yah .. check out their walls .. pictures and pictures of patrons adorn the Island Creamery walls ..

So if you're thinking of checking this parlor out, it is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm. Price per scoop is S$2.50, double scoop is S$4.00 and a 500ml tub is S$8.00.

So another ice cream parlor checked and 5 more to go ..

- The ice cream gallery @ Eastwood Centre, checked
- The Island Creamery @ Serene Centre - checked

- The Daily Scoop @ Clementi Arcade
- The Raffles Creamery @ Raffles Hotel,
- Tom's Palatte @ Shaw Leisure Gallery
- Icekimo @ Sin Ming Centre and
- Coldrock @ Holland Village


Shaz & Aidil said...

heh nothing beats Teh Tarik and Revers-O eh? i totally agree. the perfect combination! Mmmmm...i miss island creamery.

btw, aidil and i think your daughters are soooooo pretty.

m3rni3 said...

heya shaz

memang tidak dapat disangkalkan lagik .. memang power to the max!

i WANT teh tarik and reverso NOW .. *droolz*

pretty and hyperactive at the same time .. i can never handle both alone .. NEVER! .. hehehe

helldove said...

i've tried the Daily Scoop (but haven't review it yet) and i think the Nutella here at Island creamery is way better. did your daughter enjoyed her share? and they look like they had a good time taking advantage of the low tables & all... =) awesome! oh ya.. the tub prices here at Creamery is def more cheaper too =)

makes me want a teh-tarik ice-cream now... hehe.

m3rni3 said...

i shall wait for your review then!

was supposed to go daily scoop last sat after i had passed eja the cookies but then changed my mind coz i wanted to save some belly space for lunch at my aunt's.

will go there if i havent any plan dis sunday! must go check out the good stuff b4 ramadhan lah .. hehehe

tihani definitely enjoyed her nutella .. licin dia kerjakan .. i only had a chance to taste when i had to lick the melted part.. bad gurl .. dont even wanna share with mama!

dis is a secret ok - if given a chance, i wouldnt wanna share my teh tarik and reverso too! .. LOL

roseliza said...

wei senyap je........... tak ajak pulak tu.. hmmmph you owe me ice cream remember? :P

FaRaH said...

hey i wanna go but dun noe where is serene centre leh. bring me prease... and roeseliza its been a long time since i catch up wif u huh? kinda miss those days. 1 day we go out lah mayb yr sis can belanja us hahaha

Anonymous said...

hmmm...sedap kan?? i feel like going there again! nearly bought e tub but controlled my self=) have u tried e burnt caramel?? must tell u it is soooo sedap!!

m3rni3 said...

to lil sis - yes i definitely remember that i owe you an ice cream treat .. perhaps dis sunday ok!

to farah - how are u and the cartoons?? im sure you're enjoying every seconds of your maternity leave rite now. yeah .. we should go together sometime and a treat from me - no probs babe!

to anonymous - wah .. u make me wanna try burnt caramel like right now .. nak kena pergi lagik soon lah nie .. erm, btw, siapakah gerangan anonymous nie??

Anonymous said...

its me...Azlina. Amran's wifey=0

marina said...

Have been hearing so much about Island Creamery!

Oh gosh, I definitely have to give the flavours Teh Tarik, Reverso, Burnt Caramel and Nutella a try :D

Coincidentally, a bunch of friends and I are heading there this thursday :D

Ice cream. Yum! :D

marina said...

Why on earth did I type in Thursday? -_-"

I meant sunday! :)

m3rni3 said...

ah .. so we have amran's wifey in the house yo .. *waves*

m3rni3 said...

heya marina

you must be so stressed about your mum talking to you abt marriage i suppose and dats why you typed thursday instead of sunday .. LOL ..

yeah .. you've got to try those and review k ..

azy said...

Hey there murni! I wish they have an outlet in da east! M sure i'll go there like practically everyday if i cld(".")just chill out n get away from...

m3rni3 said...

heya azy ..

i wish too .. if there's one in da east, i would be there perhaps every other day .. LOL .. and if you're there everyday then i might bump into you .. hehe

have we met??

putri said...

Hmm, the teh tarek ice-cream seems very YUMMILICIOUS! Heard a lot about it....NUTELLA ice-cream? WOW!

SAMANTHA. said...

I have teh tarik everytime.try the apple crumble.i swoon over that with shortbread-pastry-pie-crust with caramel sauce.oh,there's a small outlet at great world city. :)

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