Monday, February 06, 2006

Party's Over

Well .. it aint no big party. Tho it was a small one to mark my hubby's bday, everyone enjoyed themselves.

So on Sat, I woke up early in the morning, did some chores in the kitchen then went out to collect food which I have ordered.

First stop was Haig Road to collect the satay, then dropped by Geylang market to get lontong to eat with the satay sauce. Then went to Bedok South to collect the curry puffs and last stop was to Bedok North to collect the yummy-licous cake from choc-a-bloc.

2.00 pm - there were still lotsa stuff to do.

2.45 pm the first invitee - moi eldest bro n family came. Thank god they came early. They helped moi lay the table .. hehe. By the time the rest of moi family came, the food was ready on the table and without wasting anymore time, they sat and ate.

At abt nearly 5.00 pm, moi hubby's siblings and family came.

5.45 pm - we cut the bday cake, jus before moi 2nd bro left for work.

Moi hubby's siblings left early that day as they had other plans. Moi family stayed on till abt 10pm, and boy did we have a whale of a good time - we sat and bonded, we munched and muched, we chatted, we discussed and not forgetting, we dreamt abt SpringHill .. LOL .. (psst .. sils .. did I get the name rite) .. dream on people .. hahaha

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