Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I had some "visitors" who came over to my house last Sunday. They were none other than my sis, Rose and her buddy, Aliza. Waa .. wat should I serve them. I looked in the fridge and kitchen cabinet and in the end, I baked Pizza made of instant prata as the base, made Konnyaku Jelly using Longan and Red Date packet drinks and also tried making Crab Rangoon. I read on the net that Crab Rangoon is served as appetisers in Chinese Restaurants. Cream cheese lovers would definitely luuurve this. Here .. take a peek.


Anonymous said...

Yes im a cream cheese freak.... i love that crab rangoon. i want i want i want! make that again on sunday yeah and make sure its 18 pieces...LOL


Anonymous said...

i love the wanton and the pizza its marvellous.....


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