Friday, February 10, 2006

I Scream, U Scream, We Scream for ...

I have always craved for something sweet and rich. I happen to chance upon an ice cream recipe from one of the food blogs and tried to make my own ice cream yesterday.

I have all the ingredients needed at home. So while waiting for American Idol to start, I made Milo Ice Cream. While I was in the midst of making the ice cream, hubby came into the kitchen and remarked "why must it be chocolate" .. haha. I replied "i am just trying out". OK, darl, the next time, I'll make your fave strawberry ice cream, ok.

Actually one of the ingredients uses choc chips but I substituted it with chopped Milo nuggets. This morning just before I left for work, I snapped a pic of it ..

I have yet to try it so I cant comment on the taste and stuff. I just cant wait to get home and taste my home made Milo Nuggets Ice Cream .. mmm ..

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