Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ouch + Hooray

I was on leave yesterday. Reason being, mum needed to go for her medical check up, hence no one to send my 1st angel to skool and also 2nd angel is due for her 18th mth jab.

So, I woke up as per normal. Then went to mum's place. My hubby fetched mum to the clinic. I fed the angels breakfast, then got the 1st angel ready for skool. After sending big sister to skool, I put 2nd angel to sleep and then cleared some emails.

At abt 1.50pm, we all went to fetch 1st angel from skool, then went straight to Bedok polyclinic for 2nd angel's jab. While the nurse was getting ready to give her the vaccination, my angel just couldnt sit still, she wandered around, stood on the weighing scale, etc. The "time" came .. OUCH .. and she started to wail. I comforted her and soon the wailing stopped. The doc also assessed her 18th mths' ability.

Afterwards, hubby and I brought the kids to McDonald's East Coast. The kids just couldnt wait to go to the playgroud. Both were excited and enjoyed themselves.

1st angel also received an ice cream treat. 2nd angel wasnt interested at all. Thanks to the ice cream - 1st angel's face was a a mess.

At about 6.45pm, all of us went home, tired but elated.

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