Friday, March 09, 2007

Does My Blog Look Good in This?!?

The third round of DMBLGiT is here and the host for this month is Culinary Curiosity.

I am going to join this event yet again .. not that I am a good photographer to showcase my work but really, I am participating for the fun of it.

I do not have the flair for photography though my dad was a great photographer turned one-time model .. hahah .. mum still keeps that paper advertisement of a motoring company that dad modelled for .. kewl eh ..

But hey, I was looking thru my blog and when I thought back again, the pictures I took now are much better than a year ago .. ;-p .. should I hone some photography skills??

Anyways, enuff of my blabbering .. this was the picture that I had just sent to this month's DMBLGiT ...

Well, if you are interested to participate, more details can be found here.

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