Saturday, September 23, 2006

BBM - An Update Yet Again ..

I tracked my parcel earlier and dis was the status:-

22 Sep 06, 11.04 am, status - "Failed Delivery"

My heart palpitates (drama abit lah) .. did i write down the wrong address or wat?!?!?

I called Singapore Post to ask what the status meant and the helpful customer service officer said that the recipient is not home to receive them ..

Phew .. what a relief ..

Then I checked again for the latest status and dis time round it states:-
22 Sep 06, 5.53 pm, status - "Final Delivery"

Hmm .. now i wonder, really, if my swap partner has received the parcel?!?!

I shall wait and see ..

1 comment:

FaRaH said...

Argghh Im stress wherever I click sure got pictures of good food!!! Ya the prata puff is very simple to make eh... You know lah im a sucker kalau benda senang ni.

Ps: That banana cakes looks good!!

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