Friday, September 01, 2006

BBM - Blogging By Mail

I happened to chance upon a food blog and read about Blogging by Mail. Wats dat you may ask? Well, you just have to sign up with details and then the organiser would then match you up with a swap partner.

Well, just last Monday, I got to know who mine was and she is from ?@#$% (i cant say coz it is supposed to be a surprise for the recipient). I have to send out my parcel out by 15 Sep 06. The organiser said I can send anything (foodstuff, recipes, etc) that I like or would like the recipient to have and try.

Well, the parcel that I want to send out has a theme to it .. :-) I have got a couple of stuff ready and the rest will have to wait till I come back from my trip to Sunway Lagoon, which is, just across the border. And when I come back, I'll prepare the parcel to be mailed out.

I wonder from which part of the world am I going to receive a parcel from. For now, I will just enjoy my trip to Sunway Lagoon and wait patiently for a parcel to arrive at my doorstep.

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