Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yorshire Pudding - Gracias sis!

My sis went to London for a 3 week holiday and came back two days ago, Tuesday afternoon. As usual, I love to receive "pasalubung" - dats souvenir in Tagalog .. hehe ..

This "angkapal mukha kho" aka "muka tak tahu malu" actually called her up and asked her to get me Instant Yorkshire Pudding for souvenir. Actually I saw a cook show and they were cooking something English, ie. Yorkshire Pudding with roasts and good ole sauce to go along .. slurp! As any good lil sis would, she bought me 2 packs.

Thank you lil sis! Will invite you over when I make Roast and Yorkshire Pudding yah!


FaRaH said...

Wow your blog have been left stagnant for quite a while. Anyway its good that you are back kinda miss all the great recipes! Oh ya for yr info you have been tagged look over my post and you will understand what I meant. Anyway enjoy doing those tags *winks*!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha no problem at all..... yes the yorshire pudding is super nice. My 1st time eating it is when paul's mum make sunday roast lamb/chicken with the yorshire pudding... it goes well *2 thumbs up* and i enjoyed it very much.... please make some soon ight.... miss having it, if its not enough i still got 2 more box with me ;) xxx lil sis

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