Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sowee .. & 5 Takes!

Gosh .. its been a long long while since I last updated my blog. I tried to but when it is time for me to upload pix .. i face some difficulties .. danget.

Well, I will try to update more often from now on.

As for today, I'll talk about 5 Takes. It is about 5 travel journalists (TJs) who travel across Australia and the Pacific Rim, which includes Singapore, as part of their itenerary. They had to survive on a US$50 a day budget and took suggestions from the website's forum on where to go, wat to eat, wat to do, etc.

I was a follower of 5 Takes which is aired on Discovery Travel and Living. When they were in town from 22 - 27 May, I got my hubby to just try my luck at looking up for them at the backpacker inn that they were staying in. Bam! there they were just outside the inn. I then approached the guys and got to take pictures with them.

Well, I was featured in Renee's vlog .. interested to see em .. u can find Renee's Singapore vlog here .. http://www.travelandlivingasia.com/5takes/season2/renee/vlogs/2/index.shtml

Here is a pic of me and Renee .. i call her the bubby gal ..

This season 5 Takes is over and I would like to wish all TJs all the best in whatever they do!

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