Monday, November 19, 2007

Eye Op Today!

Nope .. not me .. mum's going for her eye op today .. like, real soon actually.

I pray that her pre op checks are going to be A-OK.
I pray that her heartbeat beats at a normal rate and not go bonkers to the extent that a cardiologist needs to be called in.
I pray that her bp rate is neither low nor high so she could just go through the op .. like get it over and done with.
I pray that the op is going to go on smoothly .. no complications whatsoever .. considering that she's diabetic.
I pray that she's given the strength to go through this (i know she's uber scared).

Mum .. I know you want me to be there for you and to be there with you .. I will.

OK .. got to run now .. her appointment is at 6.45 am. Shites that IS early.


PS. Dear readers, please pray for mum too aite. Thanks heaps.

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