Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Steamboat Session

Dang .. it has been a long time since I last updated my blog .. life goes on ..

So what did we do on Mother's Day yesterday?? We had a mini gathering at mum's place to have a good steamboat session.

Lots of food and lots of company .. the whole of mum's family were there, some cousins and aunt and uncles were there too .. hehehe .. it was really a joyous occassion!

The ladies had our steamboat in the kitchen while the men had theirs in the dining room.

These were the stuff we had for the steamboat session ..

Baby corn, button mushroom and different kinds of tofu ..

Marinated prawns, squids and mutton ..

Oyster mushrooms, cauliflower, enoki mushrooms, quail eggs and cabbage ..

Fishballs, crabsticks, sausages and squidballs ..

Clams and mussels ..

Marinated chicken and dory too.

Oh ya .. i was craving for sil's baked chicken wings and actually made a special request for that .. thanks Kak Ina for seeing to my request .. really appreciate it .. even before the session started I was already eating away the yummy chix wings .. they were irresistable .. hehe

We also had cakes .. not one but two cakes .. thanks Adriana and Kak Z for bringing the cakes .. ;-)

Oh ya .. mum actually cooked chicken curry too .. and those who didnt get enough of the steamboat actually ate chicken curry too with baguettes .. hehehe

Everyone seems to enjoy the steamboat .. it had been ages since we last had one ..

After the session .. after feeling bloated .. we all sat and had a good chat and only left mum's place at 2 am.

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies!

Oh yah .. did I mention that my hubby and I also celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday?? .. well yeah .. how time flies ..

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mamazieza said...

walau lambat.. happy anniversary to you dear....

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