Friday, May 25, 2007

A Gift .. More Like a Surprise Gift!

I love receiving gifts .. and to receive a surprise gift was even great!!

Just before lunch at work yesterday, I received a Postpac.

I opened it thinking it was something official but to my surprise it wasnt. The package contained a book .. a baking book to be exact! It was indeed a pleasant surprise.

Who on earth would want to send me a surprise gift?? A friend of mine, eat, who was leaving for Jakarta did. Sweet aint he??

eat sent me the book, as a gift for being a lovely friend ... awwwwwww .. and why did he choose a baking book?? I reckon it was also the fact that eat knew my love for baking.

Am I lucky or what?!?!

Anyways the book is called the Essential Baker by Carole Bloom and this is her latest. I love the fact how Carole had cleverly divided the recipes into different sections by the use of primary ingredients such as chocolate, fruits, etc.

Hmm .. I am so not done with the book, hence I cant decide which one I wanna try making as yet. Oh ya, not to mention that this is, by far, the thickest book I ever had.

PS: Mucho gracias, eat, for being so thoughtful. You really made my day! Really love the book, what more receiving it as a surprise gift!! Will try some of the recipes some time and thence will pass some to you and you be my critic. How about that huh?? And once again, thanks a million, eat, for being that super sweet friend of mine!


phalinn said...

i love receiving gifts too but i dont like baking that much...hehehe...hope you'll make some great cookies with that book..even without the book i know you make great cookies

Anonymous said...

enjoy baking

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