Thursday, April 08, 2010

Blic Ice Cream Cafe

It's exam week! Just as I was getting ready to leave home for my exams on Monday, I found myself texting my buddy for ice cream. I just felt a sudden urge for sugar rush and I knew that could possibly be because of a wee bit of stress + anxiety. Urgh .. I totally hate that feeling.

So after my papers, I found my way to this new ice cream cafe at Tampines that my buddy and I chanced upon when we drove past a couple of weeks back.

Blic Ice Cream Cafe - a simple, clean ice cream parlour with orange and white decor and yummy flavoured ice cream to boot!

I swear I could smell that distinct smell of the king of fruit as I entered the cafe. Some may find it repulsive but I totally find that inviting. My buddy and I sampled a few flavours before we settled for our ice cream. Blic serves unique flavours like lychee mint, chunky peanutella and seasalt malt. Classic or premium. You're just spoilt for choice.

I was there for my sugar rush fix and hence I settled for double scoops. Yeah, call me greedy! I chose Double Chocolate and Durian "Mao Shan Wang". I swear by the durian ice cream for it is rich, creamy and oh-so-yummy!

By the way, that's my buddy who had double scoops too - a scoop of Seasalt Malt and Ferraro.

I am sure I will be back for more!

Blic Ice Cream Cafe - Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4 #01-23 Singapore 520802.


Did I say I will be back for more??

Yesterday, just two days after our first visit to Blic, Has and I went back for more. This time with another friend, Win. As usual, we did our samplings before deciding.

Actually I had already decided what I wanted before I even stepped into Blic :-)

I got myself a single scoop of Seasalt Malt. This is my other favourite. I just do not know how to explain its taste, seriously. That horlick-ey saltish flavour is just way too awesome! Well, at least for me :-)

Has had the Chunky Peanutella. I bet anyone who has a major obsession for peanut butter would be perfectly contented with this.

and Win chose the premium Durian flavour.

Win's verdict "This is even better than Scoopz" and I couldnt agree with him more.

With an ice cream parlour just near home and school, I bet I would be making regular visits whenever I have a sweet tooth craving.


Anonymous said...

hey sis thanks for the ice cream and chicken wings treat :D xxx

m3rni3 said...

no problemo .. next time ur turn to treat me okie :-)

Anonymous said...

ok dokie :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I chanced upon your blog and I'm really really fascinated by it! I was just wondering where this Bliq cafe is located exactly. Cos I would definitely love to try it out, considering that I'm residing in pasir ris and that makes it even more convenient for me! Hope to hear from you soon! (:

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