Friday, November 17, 2006

Tihani's Skool Party

It is the last day of school for Tihani. The school ended it with an Eid Party and had requested that parents join in the party. It was a potluck party and I brought Epok-Epok which I ordered from my younger daughter's babysitter. This epok-epok is non spicy so the kids as well as parent will enjoy them. The filling is just fried chopped potatoes and eggs.

The epok2 which I brought to kindy.

Tihani and frens in their best traditional clothes.

The tables of food contributed by the students' generous parents.

Tihani and her Arab & Malay teacher, Teacher Zai.

From Tihani and myself to teachers and frens .. "Illalikoq Illalikoq .. Till we meet again .. Jazakallah"

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