Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chill Out!

I was on a day leave last Monday. So what did I do?? Well, I chilled out with my cuzins, Serene and Jules and sis, Rose.

This is ma sis, Rose (on the foreground), Jules (in black) and I (in green) in Serene's car on the way to Parkway Parade.

We had Fish Soup Noodle and Oyster Omelette at Banquet. Ahhh .. wat better stuff to chow down on a cold rainy day. When the rain stopped, we went to East Coast. Bought ice cream cones, fries and Coke from MacDonalds. We then chilled out by the East Coast Beach, munching and chatting away till the the break of dawn .. hahaha

Here's another pic of me and my cuzins, Jules and Serene.

I really enjoyed myself chilling out with them .. :)

Gerls, dun forget our plan for a picnic yah!!


Anonymous said...

Tu dua kakak tu trademark eh posing tu lmao


Anonymous said...

hey i enjoyed myself yeah... i wanna do this again soon and oh yeah the picnic thing, you need to ask serene yeah she is always busy :) later xxx


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