Monday, May 08, 2006

Bicycle, So Old Skool ..

I went to my brother's place yesterday to chill. Brought the kids to the playground to play and they enjoyed themselves tremendously. Observed my own kids and the other kids and it was an eye opener .. some rough kids, some gentle ones and kid bullies do exist .. hahaha ..

There was this incident, when my nephew actually touched a big boy's bicycle and you know what the boy did .. he grabbed my nephew by the wrist and disallowed him to touch it .. REAL JERK .. you just have to say nicely, not grab someone's hand like a big bully .. of course sil had to intervened .. gosh .. what was he thinking .. my nephew is only 2 ..

Anyway, I have to share this picture which was taken yesterday ..

I just love the old skool look of the bicycle that Tihani is sitting on.

Tihani, mama promise that I'll get you a bicycle for your birthday this year yah .. you've got to start learning to ride, gerl.


FaRaH said...

Hi Der, how are you? Dah order cupcakes? Well tak ader new recipes ke? My hands dah itchy ni nak bake something but don't know what to bake....any ideas??? Mayb I wanna try your talam berlauk but don't have the muffin tray lah. Always want to but luper, any recommendation where to buy cheap muffin/cupcakes tray hee..hee(me so cheapskate)Oklah keep in touch ya!

FaRaH said...

Oh ya I luper....can you give the recipe for potato salad. Actually I know the ingredients..mayo, yogurt, potatoes, salt and pepper and granish with spring onions. But I don't know the quantity like brapa byk mayo atau yogurt, takut salah nanti rasa masam pulak. Can help me???

FaRaH said...

hi lama tak update??? Holidays???

FaRaH said...

Hi You been tagged check out my entry...

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