Thursday, February 02, 2012


The last I made Tiramisu was in 2006 and had not tried making them ever since.
Remember my first post of 2012 when I said I wanted to try making David Rocco's Tiramisu and that I had bought the ingredients?  It was over the Chinese New Year holidays last week, that I decided to make them.  I really wanted to try David Rocco's recipe but the thought of using raw eggs sort of puts me off.

So I browsed my blog for the Easy Peasy Tiramisu recipe that I used in 2006 and made slight adjustments to it.  These are the ingredients that you need.

I was happy with the results of the Tiramisu that I made with the adjustments! Note that you definitely need to chill the dessert for at least 4 hours or overnight.  I couldn't wait and took it out after 2 hours and the slice (pictured below) looks rather sloppy but still tasted good.  I had another slice the next day and boy did the tiramisu come together in perfect harmony.  The flavours just meld together and the texture was oh so right!

Here's the new adjusted recipe for my Tiramisu - the twisted version minus the eggs and a virgin one because it does not contain alcohol.


18 - 20 pcs savoiardi (ladyfingers)
2 tbsp nescafe coffee powder
1 cup boiling water
2 tbsp sugar
250g mascarpone cheese
170g cream
3 tbsp thickened cream
1/4 cup caster sugar
cocoa powder


Dissolve coffee powder and 2 tbsp sugar in boiling water.
Let it cool to room temperature.
Meanwhile beat cream and sugar till soft peaks form with a hand whisk.
Then add in the mascarpone cheese and beat for a further half a minute.
Lightly dip ladyfingers in cooled coffee and lay them on a dish.
Spread evenly half of the mascarpone cream mixture over the ladyfingers.
Repeat the step with a second layer of ladyfingers and then the rest of the cream mixture
Cover dish with foil and refrigerate for about 4 hours or overnight.
Dust tiramisu with cocoa powder when set.
Cut and serve cold.

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smcdesigninc said...

i did try to make this.. 1st time i used a wrong cream and it tasted to sweet .... last night i have another go to it and bamm ! it tasted just like you get it from a cafe.. hahahah .

btw great if you can have a short clips or a step by step version on your blog .. it be very helpful.

Tip - dont dip the ladyfingers too long it make the tiramisu soggy. that u need a skill .

Tip - the choice of cream use plays a part in the taste of the final cut of tiramisu.

anyway thanks Murnie for sharing.
hope i can oneday meet and bake with you.

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