Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Beef Pastrami and Brie Panini

It's Wednesday and it's a school day for me today.
There's only consultation and revision session and so school ended pretty early.
I left school and went to the nearest supermarket, NTUC at Tampines Mall. 

I was in the mood to make my own sandwich and headed to the halal meat and deli section.
As usual I asked for turkey ham and chicken poloni and somehow the kind lady over the counter recommended beef pastrami.  I've never bought pastrami before and thought why not?
So I ended buying turkey ham and some beef pastrami, my current favourite cheese, Brie, along with some other stuff.

Never tried a pastrami and brie combo?   
You've got to trust me.  It was heavenly. 
I swore I actually devoured the sandwich with my eyes closed. 
Let me exaggerate further.  It was really really good.


Country loaf - panini
Sliced red onion


Balsamic olive oil


Slice the panini into half.
Brush some balsamic oil onto the panini.
Place the pastrami on the panini.
Then stack on some sliced brie.
Next, place the panini on a pan and grill until its heated through.

(Alternatively, you can grill them in the oven)
Then stack the slices of onions and pickles.
Slather some mustard and mayonnaise on the other half of the panini.
Flip this half of the panini to the other to form a complete sandwich.
Cut it into half and enjoy!

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